Bad Girl Traits Every Man Wants In His Woman

Bad girls are fun, alluring and seductive. What makes bad girls irresistible?

Read these 11 traits below that drive men wild and have them hard before so much as an introduction. Use the allure of a bad girl to your advantage so that even as a good girl you’ll become magnetic to your man.

  1. She is who TF she is. A bad girl says fuck everybody and their opinions. She ignores society’s expectations and lives by her own rules. People often act as if they don’t agree with her decisions and the way she owns her life but they secretly wish they could follow her example, listen to their intuition, and not care about other people’s perceptions of them. 
  2. She’s naughty. Bad girls aren’t pretty, prude, and pretending that they’re not into that kinky shit. Bad girls aren’t afraid to admit that they watch porn and enjoy it. Sex with a bad girl isn’t boring or predictable, it’s full of surprises because they love to explore new things in the bedroom. Men love sex and they can do without the mundane and missionary. They’re attracted to bad girls because of the thrill. 
  3. She’s sexy. Although he loves you no matter what you’re wearing, that man does not want to see you in sweatpants and ratty t shirts all the time. Dress up and give him something to look at. Whether it’s some sexy lingerie or a fitted dress to accentuate your curves. Bad girls wear clothes that make them feel sexy and make their man aroused. 
  4. She says NO. And FUCK NO when necessary! If it isn’t an absolute YES she doesn’t hang around in the gray area. She will not be taken for granted because she isn’t afraid to put her foot down when things don’t align. Men love women who make their own decisions, respect her because of it and take her more seriously. 
  5. She’s adventurous. She says YES. Bad girls are down to try anything once. A bad girl’s need for adventure is attractive because it reassures the man that he won’t forfeit a fulfilling life. Men shy away from commitment for fear that they’ll settle and miss out on the wonders of life. They’re afraid they’ll get locked into a cycle of sameness instead of enjoying passion, spontaneity and adventure. Bad girls being unpredictable by nature help to ease those fears, making men want to commit without even trying.
  6. She’s high maintenance. Bragging that you’re a low maintenance girl is not cute. You should not be comfortable accepting the bare minimum and you should demand more because you deserve more. Prefer quality over quantity and stop diminishing your value. Sure we see men go for low maintenance girls. That’s because they can get by with less and won’t have to rise to the occasion and put forth much effort. If you don't ask for him to get your hair done and treat your feet twice a week, he probably won't (unless you're that lucky or operating in your magic). If you will settle for a 4 fo 4, why would he buy you a steak? If you would rock Walmart 11s, Louboutin’s are out of the fucking question! At the same time though, when out in the streets they’d prefer a high maintenance girl cause arm candy. They want to be with the woman who everyone admires.
  7. She doesn’t let herself go. It’s very easy to get into a committed relationship and gain 40 pounds of happy weight but a bad girl stays in control because she knows that looks are an important part of her seduction strategy. She’s consistent with her workout routine. She makes sure to shave the intimate parts, stick to her skincare routine, drink her water, and still dress up as if she was still pursuing her partner.
  8. She doesn’t wait for shit to happen, she makes shit happen. She steps up and out to create a reality that she loves. A bad girl has the power to fix all of her problems because she knows the answer to any question lives inside of her. She taps into her feminine energy and uses it to her advantage to go get whatever she wants or have a man hand it to her. Men love and value independent women and want to give them everything because they don't ask for anything. He will stick around because she wants him, she doesn’t need him. 
  9. She’s confident AF. A bad girl is not insecure, she’s sure of herself. She’s confident in her skills and certain of what she wants. She makes a statement with her stiletto heels and bold, red lipstick, and will bend over and buss it open without warning. She knows what she deserves and is not at all interested in settling for less or dumbing shit down for you.
  10. She doesn’t sugarcoat shit. A bad girl will give it to you straight. If you fucked up, she will let you know it, unlike a good girl who will just tell you everything’s okay. A bad girl will help you understand where things went left so that next time you’ll know how to make things right. She will challenge him to be better. Furthermore, she doesn’t play mind games. She’s simple, not full of sarcastic remarks, side eyes, and silent treatments.
  11. She’s passionate AF. She makes her man feel desired by doing things like opting for overt open mouth kisses instead of primary school pecks. She isn’t afraid to take the lead and initiate sex because she’s sure of what she wants and won’t stop until she gets it.

Great news! Every woman is both good girl and bad girl. This works to your advantage. Men take good girls home to meet their mama but it’s the bad girl that can’t escape their minds. He desires the emotional security, love and light of a good girl but fantasizes about the woman who’s confident, comfortable with her sexuality, and is a devil in a red dress. Let your inner bad girl out to play by using these traits and you’ll have your man eating out the palm of your hand or your ass, whichever you prefer. 

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