6 Reasons Why You Should Masturbate Tonight (And Every Night)

When we talk about self-care we often hear about and associate it with recommendations of sitting on the big comfy couch where we’ll recall childhood memories while a stranger pens our life story on a legal pad.
If not that, it’s purchasing 50 million candles and strategically placing them around the bathroom before attempting to wash away all problems, sins, and insecurities in a flower bed of bath.
No, it has to be treating yourself to that itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini, a bountiful bowl of ice cream, and the infamous mani/pedi combo.
The list goes on for hours but the suggestions are always the same.
Not saying none of those ideas work, I just feel that we’re definitely overlooking something that we don’t talk about or recommend to our stressed-out sis or overworked and underpaid bestie.
So what is it? It’s simple. It’s some alone time with self. I’m not talking about reading a book or going for a jog. I’m talking about getting better acquainted with our lady parts.
When’s the last time you worked in the flower garden? Unlocked Pandora’s box? Did a DIY project? DJ’d the pants party? Diddled Miss Daisy? Enjoyed a night of finger painting?
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I know, I know masturbation is a taboo topic. A lot of people don’t feel comfortable discussing it but the truth of the matter is self-pleasure is totally normal.
In fact, I feel that if you don’t masturbate that’s when you become the weirdo.
This is now the start of the year so I felt that there was no better time to discuss you, your yoni and the frequency of the play dates. It’s time you treat yourself to some orgasms!
Here are 6 reasons you should be masturbating tonight:
  1. No Commitment, No Pressure – No strings attached, no bullshit, no text messages left on read. Solo sex gives you the opportunity to really enjoy the moment without the pressure. No need to worry about your performance or helping someone else reach their peak. Fuck worrying about if your moans sound like a sexy pornstar or a dying cat. And those stretch marks? Forget they’re there!
  2. Self-Discovery – It’s all about you! Masturbation and exploring your body helps you discover what it is you do and don’t like. I mean, if you don’t know your own body how can you expect someone else to? Plus nobody can please you like you can. Nobody can do it better than you!
  3. More Comfortable, More Confidence – Yes, “checking your pulse” gets your more comfortable and confident. *screams* “Stripes on my ass so he call this pussy Tigger!” You’ll become more comfortable with your body. The more confidence you have the easier it is to explore outside of solo-play and try more with your partner.
  4. Better Sex Life – It won’t be a guessing game in bed, nor will you lay there defeated when your partner reaches the finish line without you. You will become more vocal during sex with your partner because you’ll know your body well enough to ask for exactly what you need.
  5. You Have Everything You Need! Of course, toys like dildos and vibrators are great additions to pump up the party, but definitely not required. Your hands are all you really need for good bean-flicking fun.
  6. It Feels Good! Besides relieving stress, strengthening your pelvic floor, and helping you sleep better at night, it just feels so damn good! I mean fucking amazing!! Add some toys for added fun and more stimulation. 
Hope you have fun finding Nemo tonight!

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