Enjoy the space between where you are and where you're going.

Good girl gone Primal. You're transitioning. You're challenging what society has told you to be acceptable for so long. You're developing acceptance and appreciation for your body. You're learning what you need and you're no longer denying yourself. You're fighting resistance. You're evolving. It takes courage. It takes time. It takes healing. Be patient. Be present. Be aware of the times you feel the most in love with yourself. Give yourself grace. Give your WAP praise.

  • Embrace the bad.

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Embrace the bad.

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Fishnets, floggers, and feel good vibes you never knew how bad you needed. It feels good to be bad. It feels good to put on some sexy lingerie, 6 inch stilletos, and red lipstick because you fucking felt like it. With accepting to prioritize your pleasure, you're invited to explore all of you; every desire and every intention without shame or guilt. You open the door of possibility and birth manifestation by listening to your pussy and finally saying fuck their opinions.

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You're worthy of a love that's as consistent as Mannie Fresh's boom, boom, clap and as satisfying as Sunday afternoon. You need to have your juices dripping down your legs like warm honey. You deserve to experience profound, full body, and life-changing orgasms. It all starts with you. It all starts with tapping in to your sensuality. You have to cultivate a loving relationship with your pussy that inspires erotic power and orgasmic energy. Breathe. Touch. Feel. Indulge. Expand your capacity for pleasure.

You're your lifelong lover so connect with yourself in a way you never thought possible before sharing yourself with somebody son (or daughter). Every stroke, every caress, every outside act of intimacy should be added and extra, not everything. Let all of you love all of you and let this collection aid in your slow self-pleasure.